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    • A BASIC Sales training program with emphasis on SELLING
    • Get new hires off to a fast start, PLUS re-energize Senior AE's
    • 13 DVDs, 29 video chapters
    • Heavy emphasis on how to sell DIGITAL
    • New AE's get a SPECIFIC path to success - including categories with instant billing
    • Each chapter has an online test component to ensure AE's are ready to move on

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Here are a few topics Jim Doyle, Tom Ray and John Hannon discuss to get AE's producing revenue fast:

  • Understanding your TV station
  • Opportunity in the digital age of TV
  • Defining an ideal prospect & getting the appointment
  • Becoming a master of the initial client call
  • 10 must-ask diagnosis questions
  • Six things to think about before you write the proposal
  • The "Final Five' -- closing with confidence
  • Uncovering digital dollars & big money selling new platforms
  • Creative that closes sales
  • Making money with ratings & how to be the agency's favorite rep
  • High opportunity 16 other chapters

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